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When the tide turns…

Similar to the picture on the international stock exchanges, the rise in nickel prices also continued on the London Metal Exchange. In the meantime a new high of USD 14,785/mt was reached. In the previous month, prices were initially below USD 13,000/mt before then firming up…

Every scandal needs a scapegoat

The increase in LME nickel prices has continued in recent weeks. A new high of just over USD 13,700/mt was reached mid July. In June prices were still below USD 13,000/mt. However, this should not hide the fact that volatility has recently…

The City That Never Sleeps

There seems to be quite a few politicians and decision makers surprised by the economic collateral damage already seen and which is still threatening, caused by the more or less hard lockdown measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. It would almost seem as if…

Ever heard of a trilemma?

On the 22nd April, after considerable delay, the South African chrome producer Merafe Resources Limited announced the European bench mark price for ferrochrome for the 2nd quarter of 2020. The reference price rose from USD 1.01/lb in the previous quarter to now USD 1.14/lb. This is a rise of…

The Count of Count sends his regards

Despite all the talk, the nickel price was able to maintain itself on the London Metal Exchange (LME), even if at lower levels. Although prices were lower up to the second half of March, since the 24th March 2020 a slight upwards trend was seen. From the low of around USD 10,900.00/mt on the 23rd March 2020, the nickel price could recover to the level of…