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The revolving door effect

In the last few weeks nickel, on the London Metal Exchange (LME), could not find new impulses, despite warehouse stocks falling continually. After talks in Washington did not produce any constructive results, the trade war between the USA and China remains ongoing. A new level in the escalation was reached when…

All hopes now lie with the First Lady

Whilst the American President is being ridiculed worldwide, it must also be recognised that the mix of open threats and draconian measures have had effect. Yet Trump should not congratulate himself alone in this, as effrontery and pompousness on their own, in most cases…

Not just Brexit is an odyssey

On the London Metal Exchange (LME) during the past weeks, the nickel price has moved within a very tight range between USD 12,900.00/mt and USD 13,400.00/mt. Overall the sideways movement showed a slight tendency on the upside …

For a packet of biscuits

The three months futures price on the London Metal Exchange has been climbing higher in recent weeks. The middle of February, after the first technical correction of the picture-book trend since the start of the year, saw nickel at USD 12,400.00/mt, but then the rise continued. On 6th March a high of USD 13,765.00/mt was reached …

Global markets set the tone

Who would have thought? Nickel continues its rise on the London Metal Exchange (LME) and, according to analysts at Reuters, is so far the top performer amongst metals in 2019 with a price increase of more than 20%. Since the end of December 2018, in a sound and constant upwards movement …