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April April – it does what it wants

The copper price on the London Metal Exchange (LME) moves in spheres which have not been seen in almost a decade. The aluminium future is also on a high level. The increasing recovery in the global economy during the continuing pandemic will certainly play a role, but the speculative interest…


South East Asia is situated in a central position, with East Asia and Oceania on the one side and India on the other. A platform in the best economic sense could not be better located geo-strategically. And the current dynamism of the region and the attention which…

For the good lies so far away

Midsummer in Germany was not only weather-wise a disappointment, but also the economy, on both a national and global level, did not really start to pick up yet. At least the autumnal-like temperatures are starting to rise again…

What comes after Generation Z?

Since the middle of May nickel prices on the London Metal Exchange (LME) have weakened even further, but only by “a little”. The biggest part of the downwards movement, from the relatively high levels at the beginning of the year and after an interim high in February, with prices of over USD 30,000.00/mt in each case, has already…

The figures behind the figures

Latest trade figures from China for the month of April have worsened markets’ sentiment. Growth in exports was “only” 8.5% versus a year ago, significantly lower than in March when the growth rate was an extraordinary 14.8%. Imports, which are seen as an indicator of domestic economic activity, even…

So that hydrogen does not become detonating gas

Since the last edition a tremendous lot has happened in the world. Not only did the dreadful war continue in the Ukraine but then also the Californian Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) caused great commotion. Numerous customers had withdrawn their money, almost driving the financial institution to bankruptcy had…