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April April – it does what it wants

The copper price on the London Metal Exchange (LME) moves in spheres which have not been seen in almost a decade. The aluminium future is also on a high level. The increasing recovery in the global economy during the continuing pandemic will certainly play a role, but the speculative interest…

Came to stay

After the turmoil in March and first attempts to start again in April, the nickel market on the London Metal Exchange (LME) is slowly coming into gear. For this author’s taste, a little too slowly. In particular, nickel is mainly heading in a southerly direction, as is the jargon on the exchange when prices are falling. This is, above all, due to two things: On the one hand…

The Golden Era versus the Golden Cream Puff

A month has now passed since the questionable events on the London Metal Exchange (LME). The LME nickel market was reopened after the temporary closure, and after some initial stutters, prices were also agreed again in Exchange trading. Since the 28th March 2022 there have been regular daily fixings which serve as a price reference for the industrial value chain. Since then, the nickel price has been quite stable, moving in a range between…

Quantamental – the best of both worlds

In the early hours of the morning of the 7th March 2022 while the Asian trading session was underway, there was a serious “accident” in the nickel market of the London Metal Exchange (LME), for which, at first glance, the exchange was not sufficiently prepared. A disproportionately large short position on the exchange directly, but also over the counter (OTC), built up by a market participant with the help of brokers and banks caused…

Customer Chain Due Diligence Act

After a sharp correction mid January which had pushed the nickel price on the London Metal Exchange (LME) from over USD 24,000.00/mt down to just below the USD 22,000.00/mt mark, a clear recovery started again. The 3 months nickel future is currently trading significantly over…

Green Energy = green dilemma

Full order books, little scrap, political unrest in Kazakhstan, one of the main chrome producing countries, and the completion of a company acquisition whereby a large European producer takes one of the three big stainless steel scrap recyclers on board. This is how the situation on the stainless steel market can be characterised at the start of the year. The nickel price has been, however, more driven by…