our suppliers


Oryx Stainless is a highly efficient buyer of scrap materials which are used as an important raw material in the production of stainless steel. This is our core business and is why the relationship we have with our suppliers is so important to us. They are the foundation of our procurement activities. We want to grow with you and continue to expand our position in the market.

1. Your sale

Each day your personal contact tells you our latest prices for your metals, depending on the quality, condition and quantity.

Thanks to our international focus, we have an overview of the relevant marketing possibilities and are thus able to offer you attractive terms and conditions that are always right up-to-date.

It is important to us to secure you permanently as a supplier to the Oryx Group.

2. Your documentation

Each contract that is concluded with us is confirmed to you in writing by our purchase confirmation, which includes among other things the important elements of the quality, quantity, price and terms of payment.

This contract forms the legal basis for our working relationship.

3. Your delivery

Your delivery is made once the contract has been concluded. We are flexible when it comes to the chosen means of transport because you can access our sites by road, rail, container or ship.

If you notify us in advance of the delivery date you would prefer, this speeds up the process.

4. Your sampling

Once the delivery has been made, your goods are sampled. We employ different methods depending on the condition and notified analysis, including X-ray fluorescence, spectral analysis, and ferromagnetism.

In our own laboratory, representative samples are melted and thus homogenized in each case before their chemical composition is determined by means of spectral analysis.

5. Your findings

We summarise the result of the sampling in findings. These findings are promptly sent to you, generally one day after the delivery has been made.

Your personal contact is also the person you will be in touch with here.

6. Your payment

On the basis of these findings, issue an invoice which we will transfer in accordance with the agreed terms of payment once we receive it.

For us it goes without saying that we will pay the invoice on time.


Are you interested in our company and would you like to contact us? Simply use our contact form or give us a call. We look forward to receiving your message.

We buy the following raw materials from you:


  • Cr-Ni steel scrap / turnings 18/8
  • Cr-Ni steel scrap / turnings 18/10
  • Cr-Ni-Mo steel scrap / turnings 18/10/2
  • Cr-Ni steel scrap, heat-resistant
  • Cr-Ni steel runnings
  • Cr-Ni steel remelted ingots
  • Cr-Ni steel scrap / turnings 13F/17F
  • All other raw materials containing chromium and/or nickel and/or molybdenum