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The Oryx Stainless Group delivers stainless steel scrap of consistently outstanding quality to stainless steel producers around the world. In doing this, we guarantee that our raw material mixtures will have a chemical composition that meets the specification as well as an optimised bulk weight.

1. Your enquiry

Are you a producer of stainless steel and do you regularly require scrap for use as raw material in your steelworks?
We have a large selection of individually customised raw material blends, corresponding to the respective customer specification. As a company that operates globally, you can expect to receive the highest level of expertise and competitiveness from us. Test us!

2. Our visit

Given the complexity and importance of a working relationship in the field of raw materials, we establish the parameters for a cooperation in a joint meeting. The requirement you place on the metallurgic properties of our products is at the forefront here.

3. Logistics

In terms of the means of transport, our sites are very flexible because our customers can receive our products both by container and by ship or rail.

4. Our quotation

You will receive our competitive quotation, individually customised to reflect your requirements.


You are interested in our raw materials and we would like you to become a customer of Oryx Stainless. Please complete and then send us the form below, and we will contact you very shortly.

Oryx Stainless can offer your company the following basic raw materials for producing stainless steel:


  • 18-8 Basic raw material blend of secondary materials Reference analysis:
    – 17 % Chromium
    – 8,0 % Nickel
    – 72 % Iron
  • 18-8 Basic turnings blend
  • 18-10-2 Basic raw material blend of secondary materials Reference analysis:
    – 16,5 % Chromium
    – 10,0 % Nickel
    – 2,0 % Molybdenum
    – 68 % Iron
  • 18-10-2 Basic turnings blend