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April April – it does what it wants

The copper price on the London Metal Exchange (LME) moves in spheres which have not been seen in almost a decade. The aluminium future is also on a high level. The increasing recovery in the global economy during the continuing pandemic will certainly play a role, but the speculative interest…

Zero sum game

The party atmosphere in nickel on the London Metal Exchange (LME) came to an abrupt halt on the 25th February 2021. Within a few minutes the nickel price dropped from USD 19,900/mt to USD 18,700.00/mt, when it had actually been on the brink of breaking the psychological barrier of USD 20,000.00/mt on the upside. An intraday loss of…

A secret ingredient called “Rusakhtj”

The upwards trend in nickel remains intact. Almost like in the textbook, after reaching a temporary high of USD 18,500/mt on 21 January 2021, the market then consolidated again at USD 17,465/mt. From this level the rise in nickel continued, also helped by a…

Potentates open the best cognac

The start of the year was quite something. A sudden change in the global pandemic could not be expected a priori, but that the changeover of power in the USA from the old to the new President would bring such…

Long-distance run

This year it is difficult to get into any sort of Christmas mood, which is not really much of a big surprise. Whoever thought that the pandemic would be over by the end of the summer has been proven wrong, and we continue to look at quite an uncertain future. Unfortunately this is more of a long-distance run, but one where…