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about our newsletter
The Oryx Stainless newsletter is regarded as a guide to the industry and provides information about the latest topics that are relevant to the industry. It has been published monthly since 1998 and is regularly read by around 2,500 interested people around the world. In addition, it is published in the trade magazines “Focus Rostfrei” and “Stainless Focus”. Subscribe now for free.

“Double whammy”

It seems somewhat apocalyptical when stock markets and other markets react at the moment to bad news with price increases. This phenomenon is called “bad news is good news”, which shows how far many markets have distanced themselves from the real economy and are used more as investment instruments. The background to this type of action is…

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“Ignorance first, expertise second”

These days, looking at the global economic environment, good news is really thin on the ground. It feels like a microscope is needed to find any. Unfortunately bad news is there in abundance and promises challenges for the coming quarters. Therefore, at this point, we do not wish to repeat the topics which are already known from media and other sources of information, but deliberately also make a compilation of the positive aspects…

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Nickel rotates, VW profits

Inflation in the Eurozone (and the USA) does not appear to be just a temporary phenomenon. The ultra-loose monetary policy, lasting now for more than a decade which has set the base for demonetisation cannot be eliminated overnight. And combating it through hesitant interest rate hikes is not really conducive to have a quick impact either. In addition, a very diverse economic area in the Eurozone makes…

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Came to stay

After the turmoil in March and first attempts to start again in April, the nickel market on the London Metal Exchange (LME) is slowly coming into gear. For this author’s taste, a little too slowly. In particular, nickel is mainly heading in a southerly direction, as is the jargon on the exchange when prices are falling. This is, above all, due to two things: On the one hand…

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about our studies
In cooperation with external experts, we regularly focus on cross-sector issues and prepare the results of these studies: the range of topics is very varied with examples including “CO2 reduction through intelligent recycling of stainless steel scrap” in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT or “The key raw materials of nickel, chromium and iron: Limited availability despite sufficient natural reserves” in collaboration with the Technical University of Berlin.

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Oryx Commodity News

Oryx Commodity News informs about current, industry-relevant topics.